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North Italy Udine

North Italy Udine

Fruili, Venice and Giulia might not be a region one thinks off when it comes to Italy, but it is truly worth visiting. Moreover, Udine is one of the oldest cities in Italy.
Here people proudly say “we got the most of the best” and at the same time offer rich culture, beautiful nature and gourmet experiences.

In the past Udine was one of the most powerful cities in the northeast Italy after Venice; the connection between these two cities brought good economy which could be seen in the architecture as well. The charm of the city is a mirror of Udine’s history – the castle that was built the first time during the 9th century, the famous Loggia di Lionello from the 13th century and the cathedral from the 12th century are just a few interesting sights Udine has to offer.

In the surrounding areas you´ll find beautiful nature with Alps close by, with a possibility to have an excursion to one of the lakes with a stop for dinner. Nice Friuli wine simply is a must.
For the sport interested, watching a football game at the stadium “Lo Stadio Friuli” is a nice experience.

*Arrival airport Venice, transfer time approximately 1 1/2 hours.