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Optimize your time and prosper with Revolution©

Fast and easy market changing reservation system which offers solutions for hotels, airline tickets, rent-a-car and excursions booking at competitive prices with real time availability and immediate confirmation of the booked places.

What’s new?

  • Possibility to track an unlimited number of sellers using only one identification category
  • Net prices and free Mark Up set up. Only visible to you.
  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Better and faster filters to enhance your search
  • Full BackOffice to manage your bookings.
  • Generate customized quotations with your logo.
  • Free assistance is provided directly by Easy Market
  • Emergency Support is available 24/7



  • More than 1,000,000 hotels worldwide
  • Find accommodation anywhere using our search engine by destination, hotel name, and point of interest.
  • Create group or individual rates for your clients
  • Multiple choice of rates
  • BackOffice tools to follow all your reservations


Airline tickets

  • 700 airlines worldwide, full-service and low-cost carriers
  • Net rates and the possibility to set up Mark-Up
  • Automated ticket issuing system (24/7)



  • More than 18,000 excursions in the principal cities worldwide
  • Guided tours in the world’s major languages
  • Clear descriptions of all products included
  • Custom-made rates for your clients
  • Direct payments to Easy Market



  • 130 companies, more than 111,000 cars, and 24 million offer for your clients
  • Custom-made rates for your clients
  • Billing in 74 TER mode
  • Direct payment to Easy Market
  • Integrated BackOffice system to follow the status of your bookings on your own.

Why choosing Revolution©

It’s FREE!

Offers fast solutions for any query made by your clients

Provides huge database with real time availability

Provides competitive prices and advantageous commissions

Autonomous choice of personal “markup”

Puts on your disposal qualified Call Center

Allows flexible payment methods