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About us

Easy Market Travel Solutions

We are a young and dynamic company made up of professionals who work daily with passion to provide travel agencies with quality products and services in line with their real needs. 

At the heart of Easy Market philosophy there is a constant push for growth and improvement. We are convinced that progress necessarily goes through the confrontation and that the words of every evolution are: “always in play”!

Easy Market was born in 1999 as the first distributor of the holiday packages for travel agencies.

As part of the business process we have developed Revolution© system in order to meet the needs of the agencies and to always look forward for new innovations and ideas.

Our system distributes hundreds of thousands of different tourism products.
After introducing airline tickets and hotel bookings in 2009, our distribution was enriched with transfer, rent-a-car, activity and group reservations offer. This enables us to present wide range of products and deliver them directly to our clients and partners.
Entrance in the most important group in travel sector brought our company into the international environment with new objectives and ambitions.


Innovation, technology and cutting-edge service for the B2B market

From the innovation of the company is conceived of Revolution, a platform that offers an intuitive and state-of-the-art system for the marketing and distribution of tourist services and products: from Cheap Flights, Hotels around the World, Car Rental, Excursions, Activities And Insurances, Groups and Transfers, to Cts Language Courses.

The system, based on the operational needs of the agencies, is constantly being developed by the IT department which, in cooperation with the commercial office and operating departments that provide a timely overview of the needs of the agencies, is always studying new possible features and working on ‘ Optimizing existing ones.

Technology is, in fact, a key asset for the development of the core business of Easy Market. Research is constantly focused on providing a simple, fast and fun system for agencies and their business.


Easy Market in numbers

800.000 passengers

in 2019

7.000.000 searches

per year

+ 700 flight companies

work with us

+ 1.000.000 Hotels

in more than 223 countries

+ 18000 Activities

in more than 185 countries