Optimize your time and prosper with Revolution©

Fast and easy market changing reservation system which offers solutions for hotel, airline tickets, holiday packages, rent-a-car and excursions booking at competitive prices with real time availability and immediate confirmation of the booked places.

What’s new?

  • Possibility to track unlimited number of sellers using only one identification category
  • Mark Up visible only for you
  • Simple and attractive graphic design
  • Better and faster filters to enhance your search
  • Uniform back office
  • Free assistance provided directly by Easy Market


  • 180 000 hotels worldwide
  • Find a hotel anywhere in the world using our search engine or use their information to find them
  • Create group or individual rates for your clients
  • Multiple choice of the tariffs
  • Back office tools to follow all your reservations

Holiday packages

  • 130 000 packages provided by the major tour operators
  • Offer by the best Italian tour operators
  • Personalized tariff system (Net and Commissioned)
  • Discounted offer with real time availability


  • More than 15 000 excursions in the principal cities worldwide
  • Guided tours in world’s major languages
  • Clear description of all products included
  • Custom made rates for your clients
  • Direct payments to Easy Market

Airline tickets

  • 590 airlines worldwide, full service and low cost carriers
  • Net tariffs with options to add margins
  • Automated ticket issuing system (24/7)


  • 130 companies, more than 111 000 cars and 24 million offers for your clients
  • Custom made rates for your clients
  • Billing in 74 TER mode
  • Direct payment to Easy Market
  • Integrated back office system to follow activities autonomously

Other services

  • Personalized assurance based on your needs

Why choosing Revolution©

  • It’s FREE!
  • Offers fast solutions for any query made by your clients
  • Provides huge database with real time availability
  • Provides competitive prices and advantageous commissions
  • Autonomous choice of personal “markup”
  • Puts on your disposal qualified Call Center
  • Allows flexible payment methods
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